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Bird Watching

The Chacabuco Valley, the heart of Patagonia Park, is home to a vast variety of bird species. To date, approximately 100 different species of birds have been recorded within the park, which is nearly a quarter of Chile’s total known bird species. This large variety of bird species is primarily due to the diversity of ecosystems that exist within the park.

Birds such as the southern canastero, austral negrito, and common miner inhabit the grasslands of the Patagonian Steppe, the black-necked swan, the common tagua, and the Chilean flamingo enjoy the wetlands, while others such as the Chilean hawk, large comesebo, and the southern hued-hued take shelter in the Andean forests.

While looking for birds, you are also likely to catch a glimpse of the park’s many mammals, including guanaco, huemul, mountain vizcacha, and red fox. The park’s reptiles and amphibians, such as the Magellan lizard and four-eyed frog, can be seen in the wetlands, and insects such as the painted butterfly can be spotted in the summers. As for the flora, nature walks are sure to provide both common and the occasional rare Patagonian species. Each field trip is an opportunity to discover and enjoy the scenery as well as the park’s native wildlife.


Patagonian Steppe and Wetlands

Full day, low difficulty

Drive about 50km by car along Paso Roballos, which follows the Chacabuco River, stopping at various points within the steppe and alongside the many lakes. During breeding season, chicks of many species can be spotted throughout the park. Short walks of 0.5-2 km are included. The trip stops for a picnic lunch at Casa Piedra, the park’s newest campground.

Possible Bird Viewings: Upland Goose, Ashy-headed goose, Austral negrito, Common miner, Long-tailed meadowlark, Diuca finch, Black-face ibis, Turtledove, White-bellied seedsnipe, Southern canastero, Long-tailed canastero, Runrun, Large- pallet duck, Red-gartered coot, Black-necked swan, Southern crested caracara, Chimango caracara, Kestrel and many more.


Patagonian Andean Forest

Full day, low to medium difficultly

Enjoy a 7-12 km walking tour starting from the Lodge with a picnic lunch in the lenga forest just below Mount Tamanguito.

Possible Bird Viewing: Austral parakeet, Andean condor, Black-chested buzzard-eagle, Chilean flicker, Large comesebo, Harrier, Rayadito, Duck Frog, broad peak, bud, tilefish, thrush, goldfinch, and many others.



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