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Alto Valle Campground

The Alto Valle Campground is located 35 km (22 miles) east of Park Administration toward the Frontera (in the direction of Paso Roballos). There are six private shelters (quinchos) and two large quinchos for large or multiple groups. The quinchos are all accessible by car and RV. The campground has bathrooms and showers (heated via solar-power). From the campground you can walk to Mirador Douglas Tompkins (with sweeping views of Mount San Lorenzo and Lago Cochrane), and the base of the Lago Chico Trail.

The Alto Valle Campground has eight picnic shelters. To register, please visit the main park office at Park Administration. Campsites are first come, first serve.

Six private modules: $ 24.000 per module, until to 4 people and each additional person $ 8.000. Each module have its own parking.
Two community modules: $ 8.000 per person.

Availability: October 1 through April 20. CLOSED April to September.

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