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Stone House Campground

The beautiful Berkley footbridge will deliver visitors over churning blue waters to the future Stone House Campground, a refurbished old puesto and future base for Patagonia Park wardens. Surrounded by waving poplars, the campground’s seven new covered quinchos will serve to block campers from the mid-valley winds. Located at the confluence of the Aviles and Chacabuco Rivers, the Stone House Campground will serve as a jumping off point for explorations to the Aviles Valley and Jeinimeni Reserve.

Smaller than the West Winds Campground, the Stone House will be located a 30-minute drive from the Lodge and Main Office, 25 km/15.5 miles into the valley down the park’s main road (X-83).


ns: Please stop by the park office. Sites are available on a first-come, first served basis.
Price: 7,500 chilean pesos per person per day. Please pay at the park office.
Dates of Availability: October 1 through April 30. CLOSED May through September.

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