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Creating a National Park

Land Acquisition

In 2004, Conservacion Patagonica purchased the 170,500-acre Estancia Valle Chacabuco, located in a biologically critical area in Aysén, Chile, and contiguous to the Jeinimeni Reserve the north and the Tamango Reserve to the south. Since acquiring the estancia, smaller land acquisitions allowed us to expand to nearly 200,000 acres. All of this land was donated to the state, creating the new Patagonia National Park, which also includes the ex Jeinimeni and Tamango reserves. By designating this area as a national park, the land and its wildlife receive the highest level of protection available in Chile.


Restoring the Grasslands

Healthy grasslands are essential to the survival of many threatened flora and fauna, yet they remain one of the world’s most imperiled ecosystems. While Chile has many established parks, the grasslands of this region—and the world—have minimal representation. Conservacion Patagonica worked to improve the odds for these delicate grasslands, as well as local wildlife, by selling off livestock, removing fences, restoring grasslands and forests, and developing species-specific restoration programs.


Community Access

We believe the best way to foster an appreciation for nature is to promote firsthand experiences. Establishing easy public access to the park in the form of infrastructure and trails is the first step in welcoming and growing the next generation of park stewards. Our restaurant, campgrounds, and lodge have already drawn visitors from around the world. We believe architecture has the ability to exemplify a sense of place. Built from local stone and recycled wood and inspired by historic Patagonian style architecture built by British landowners in the 1800s, the infrastructure at the park immerses visitors in both the natural and cultural wonders of Chile.



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