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For hikes in the park, you are welcome to explore any of these routes yourself or hire a professional guide (to book a guide, please email Currently, we do not offer activities besides hikes and scenic drives within the park.

La Confluencia

3 hours, 3 km (2 miles) round trip
Low difficulty
Ascent: 140 m / 459 ft

One of our favorite spots, the confluence of the Baker and Chacabuco Rivers, lies very close to the park’s western entrance. Drive to the crossroads of the main park road and the Carretera Austral, find a spot to park, and head down to the nice beach at the confluence. There’s a path that starts slightly north of the crossroads, but if you don’t find it, you can just head down the hill. The walk down is approximately forty-five minutes. This is a great place to swim and relax.

La Vega Trail

2 hours, 7 km (4.5 miles) round trip
Low difficulty
Ascent: 333 m / 1093 ft

For a pleasant walk, head out to the La Vega Trail, which starts behind the Lodge. The trail winds through the valley before arriving at the West Winds Campground, the first main campground of the park. You’ll pass the greenhouse and the historic Valle Chacabuco cemetery, which contains the graves of several past residents (human and animal) of this area. You can return by the same trail or take the road that leads to the campground. Round trip is approximately 7 km (4.5 miles).

Lago Chico Loop

Half day, 12 km (7.5 miles) loop
Intermediate difficulty
Ascent: 180 m / 590 ft

In the eastern sector of the Chacabuco Valley, the Lago Chico area has spectacular views of Lago Cochrane and Mt. San Lorenzo. Drive up the valley approximately 45 km (28 miles) until you reach the second road on the right (south) side of the road. Take this road up the hill to a parking area (under construction), approximately 7 km (4.5 miles). From there, head out on the 12-km (7.5-mile) loop trail around Lago Chico or enjoy a shorter stroll to a scenic overlook.

Lagunas Altas Trail

Full day, 23 km (14 miles)
Intermediate/advanced difficulty
Ascent: 1268 m / 4160 ft

The 23-km (14-mile) Lagunas Altas Trail starts at the West Winds Campground, just a short walk from the Lodge. The trail climbs up the hill, close to Tamanguito Peak, before winding around numerous alpine lakes and returning to the park headquarters. The trail is marked with rebar poles, and trail maps are available at the office. Allow at least six to eight hours to complete this route, and bring a picnic, water, warm layers, and sun protection. Click here to view and download the map.

Avilés Loop Trail

Full day, 16 km (10 miles) loop
Intermediate/advanced difficulty
Ascent: 635 m / 2083 ft

Drive up the valley to the Stone House Campground (25 km/15.5 miles, about half an hour). Park and cross the Berkley Footbridge across the Chacabuco River and look for the marked trail taking off behind the house. Walk up the valley to a hanging footbridge over the Aviles River, cross the river via the hanging footbridge, and return on the other side, crossing the Aviles River close to the end of the hike. This trail connects the Chacabuco Valley to the Jeinimeni Reserve to the north: 16 km (10 miles) total. Click here to view and download the map.

Furioso Trail

Full day, 23 km (14 miles)
Intermediate/advanced difficulty
Ascent: 436 m / 1430 ft

The Furioso Trail in the northwestern section of the park will invite hikers to explore the sweeping Furioso Plateau, starting on the winding riverbanks of the Chacabuco River. Four brand new footbridges divide the trail, and two separate trailheads will allow hikers to alter the length of their hike. The plateau is the optimal place for capturing photos of Cerro Kristine, one of the park’s most photographed peaks.


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