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Overnight Backpacking

For those interested in overnight hikes, the Aviles Valley trail is the only established multi-day trail in the park—backpackers can continue past the end of the Aviles Trail and connect to trails in the Jeinimeni Mountains, which eventually end at the town of Chile Chico. We request that backpackers camp only in established campgrounds along the trail. Please advise that fires are not permitted within the park due to the likelihood of forest fires.

At this time there is only one option for overnight backpacking within Patagonia Park. All overnight backpackers must check in at the park office before starting their journey. Due to safety and fire precautions, we limit the number of people who can use the trail at one time.


Overnight Camping: Aviles to Jeinimeni

Distance: 50 km (31 miles) one way
Advanced difficulty
Ascent: 1084 m / 3556 ft

For those interested in overnight hikes, the Aviles Valley trail continues on past the end of the loop, connecting into the Jeinimeni Mountains and eventually arriving in the town of Chile Chico. You can do the route one-way in three to four days to the Jeinimeni Reserve Ranger Station, or do a four to five day in-and-out to Lago Verde returning back to the Chacabuco Valley. From the Jeinimeni Ranger Station to Chile Chico it is another 70km along a dirt road. Allow extra time and food for this section as hitch hiking is the only current option and cars are irregular. This is a long hike, so we recommend you start your hike early in the day. Do remember that in summer, due to glacial thaw the rivers flow increase in the afternoon, making crossing more difficult. When crossing the rivers in Jeinimeni, cross where the rivers are the widest as the flow will be distributed across a large area. For more information, please visit the park’s visitor’s center before departing. In case of emergency, it is always good to tell park staff when you are departing on a longer hike. Please be aware that once you leave Patagonia Park, the trails in Jeinimeni are not as well marked.



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