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Patagonia Park

Chacabuco Valley, Aysen, Chile

Patagonia National Park ( 752,503 acres) features the greatest terrestrial biodiversity in the region, with habitats ranging from Patagonian steppe to lenga forest and wetlands. It’s home to numerous endangered and threatened species, including ten percent of the global population of huemul, the south Andean deer. A former estancia, its central area was historically overgrazed and poorly managed as a product of intensive ranching. Through a long process of restoration and rewilding, the native grasslands have recovered and wildlife has returned in numbers, including herds of guanaco, a South American camelid, flamenco, puma and a population Darwin’s rhea under restoration. Top notch infrastructure includes a lodge, restaurant, visitor center and museums, as well as campgrounds and trails. Patagonia National Park consists of the Tompkins Conservation donation in addition to the former national reserves of Jeinimeni and Tamango, plus fiscal land. It’s located 180 miles south of Coyhaique, the regional capital of Aysen.


We hope you will visit the park andto experience what makes Patagonia legendary—the unclimbed peaks, pristine glacier-fed rivers, and herds of guanacos galloping across the expansive grasslands. The closer we get to completing the future Patagonia National Park, the closer we are to protecting this land in perpetuity.


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