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Important Announcement: The Carretera Austral from Cerro Castillo to Puerto Tranquilo is closed from Monday to Friday between 14:00 to 18:00 hrs for work on the road. Please consider this information when planning your trip.

Patagonia Park is a global destination for adventurers looking to experience one of the world’s last wild places. Located in the remote region of Aysen in southern Chile, the journey to Patagonia Park can be an adventure in itself. Whether you choose to fly, drive, bus, or hitchhike, you will inevitably end up on the Carretera Austral (Route 7), a winding, unpaved 1,200-mile stretch of road leading from the northern city of Puerto Montt south to Villa O’Higgins. The ride boasts quintessential sights and sounds of Patagonia, weaving past steep riparian forests, the marble caves of Lake General Carrera, and opening to views of the turquoise Baker River. Completed in 2000, the road, like the park, is fresh on the map.

Operating Hours and Seasons

Patagonia Park is currently open to the public as a park-in-progress with no entry fee. Until the Park is complete, we ask visitors to be as self-sufficient as possible during your visit.

Patagonia Park is open October 1st through April 30th. The Lodge at Valle Chacabuco, Restaurant El Rincón Gaucho, and the West Winds and Stone House Campgrounds are CLOSED May through September. While the X-83 road through the park is open year-round, please note that from May to September all park facilities are closed. Please save your visit for another time!




At latitude 47º South, the Patagonia Park experiences warm summers and cold winters, long hours of daylight in the summer, and variable weather.

Average Temperatures:
• Summer (January-March): Highs are around 21/27 ºC (70s ºF) during the day, dropping to about 10 ºC (50s ºF) at night. Higher elevations experience a slightly cooler climate, and frost can occur at night. Expect high winds—bring a sturdy tent if camping!
• Spring and Fall (November-December, April-May): Daytime temperatures tend to be between 10 and 15 ºC (50s and 60s ºF), dropping to -1 and 5 ºC (30s and 40s ºF) at night. Be prepared for rapid changes in temperature.
• Winter (June-October): Highs are around 0º C (30s ºF) during the day, dropping to lows averaging -18ºC (0 ºF). High winds and severe winter storms are common. NOTE: THE PARK IS NOT OPEN IN THE WINTER. The main access road is primarily dirt and gravel and can turn to treacherous mud and ice.

Summer is the dry season. Most precipitation falls during the winter months (June-September); January and February are the least rainy months. Snowfall is moderate in the winter at lower elevations, but continues throughout the year at higher elevations; many mountains remain snow-covered year-round. In the Chacabuco Valley, the westernmost areas close to the Carretera Austral receive more rain than those close to the Argentine border.


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