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Park Rules & Regulations

We welcome visitors to journey to the future Patagonia National Park and experience the wild, stunning landscapes of Patagonia. Our focus remains the completion of construction for the park, so we ask our visitors to be as self-sufficient as possible. The park is located in a remote and challenging environment. Be prepared for your adventure—read up and plan carefully before you embark!

We ask visitors to obey the following rules:

• Plan ahead and prepare—bring all supplies you will need for your trip to the park.
• Travel and camp on durable surfaces—stick to trails and established campsites.
• Dispose of waste properly in waste receptacles at campsites and at the park headquarters, and use park bathrooms. Do NOT litter!
• Leave what you find—please don’t take flowers, bones, artifacts, or anything else you might find.
• NO campfires in the park! This is a dry area with a high risk of wildfire.
• Respect wildlife.
• Be considerate of other visitors—keep noise to a minimum, especially at night. Do not play loud music at the campground or in other public spaces in the park.
• Smoking is not permitted anywhere in Patagonia Park.
• Please keep a close eye on children at all times.
• Park your vehicle only in authorized places.
• Our campsites are not designed for vehicles to enter the camping areas. There are designated parking lots for each campsite, so please do not drive on the grass.
• Visitors entering the park in mobile homes should visit the Park Office for information where and how to install their vehicles inside the park.
• For any questions, please email or visit us at the Park Office. We are happy to answer your queries.


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