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Why National Parks

Balancing the constant push of human development and the urgent needs of conservation is the biggest issue of our time. The enduring value national parks offer to both nature and people make them the most viable, sustainable option as we move forward in the fight for our planet. National parks have proved time and time again to be the most effective way to promote an appreciation for the natural world, while providing economic opportunity for neighboring communities. Approaching its 90th year in existence, the Chilean Park Service will ensure the Patagonia National Park will protect the area in perpetuity. Chile is home to some of the highest quality parks and breathtaking landscapes the world has to offer. The Patagonia National Park will play a pivotal roll in raising Chile’s reputation as home to the world’s most spectacular network of national parks.

Patagonia Park now also includes the Jeinimeni and the Tamango Reserves, granting the highest levels of federal protection to its collective 752,503 acres. Now that the majority of fencing has been removed, wildlife can travel freely between these once divided areas. The creation of these wildlife corridors is imperative to the return of healthy wildlife populations, including the highly endangered huemul deer. The creation of a national park is the only way to guarantee the permanent protection of this area long after we are gone.


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